Favourite travel experience

Exploring the maze of streets and alley’s that make up Chefchaouen. It really felt like I’d stepped back in time. There’s no way I would have ever found my way out of there without a local guide!


At University I studied a degree in Communications and Tourism, which set me up for a successful career in travel. I feel fortunate that we get to work in an industry in which the ultimate result is making people happy and fulfilled by unique life experiences.

For me travel is about discovering different cultures and appreciating how lives are lived throughout the world. Gastronomy has become a big part of my personal travel, and I love discovering memorable food and wine experiences, whether it’s local street food or top rated restaurants.

On my travel radar

A visit to Iceland is definitely on the cards; the scenery looks stunning and we only receive great feedback from clients. I also really want to travel to Central America, especially Mexico to visit some of the gorgeous Colonial cities and discover its Mayan history.