Favourite Travel Experience

Impossible to isolate one fave, but standout moments include the red hot African sunrise, whilst witnessing a lion kill on Safari in South Africa, birth of an elephant in Botswana, swimming with majestic whale sharks at Ningaloo reef, watching the electrical storm on the first day of the seasonal change from dry to wet at Uluru and seeing mother nature at her best in the Rocky Mountains.

About me

Born in Glasgow to parents of Scottish and Burmese Indian Heritage, raised in Vancouver, and now settled in Melbourne, happily married for 25 yrs to my Aussie husband whom I met in Crete. We are raising three children and sharing with them our love of travel and multi culturalism. My parents own love of travel is where my passion began. By the time I was 14 I had been to India, Scotland, England, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawaii, Mexico & the West Coast of the USA. After finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of British Columbia, I set off for an intended 12 months of travel before returning to further study. That 12 months turned into 4 years! After working, living and travelling through Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Scotland, Israel, Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore I found myself in Melbourne working as a Travel Consultant and travelling further to Tahiti, New York, Fiji and Bali.

On My Travel Radar

One of the magnets that pulls me to a destination is it’s raw, natural, untouched state before mass tourism takes hold and changes it. For that reason, places I would like to get to in the short term are Burma, Cuba and Sri Lanka and in the longer term The Galapagos including the rest of South America, Vietnam and Cambodia and a trip back to Portugal, Spain and Scotland (especially for Hogmanay). This July I am looking forward to travelling to the historical cities of Eastern Canada; Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City (with of course a visit to my family in Vancouver).